Want to own one?

How much does it cost???

I don’t sell my work. I give it away. This has seemed to make some people uncomfortable and they’ve wanted to pay me for the art. Which, you know, is ok!

If you’d like something you see on these pages, contact me using the form below. Tell me which one (by name or description) you’d like. Include your address, so I can ship it. And then, if you’d like, send something to my PayPal account. Whatever you feel is appropriate. My email is cmbanywhere [at] gmail.com. Don’t know how?

That’s it. A package with your favorite piece will arrive pretty quickly.

How can you give your work away?

Once, there was a Zen Master who owned a beautiful vase that he kept in his quarters. One day, a novice assigned to clean his room knocked over the vase and it shattered. He was devastated. But the Master said, I had that vase for joy, not for suffering. So let’s not suffer about it, ok?

I make my work for joy, and I give it to people for joy as well. Mine and theirs.