Ladies are about seven inches tall. They have magnets on the back, but I also have clear acrylic stands they can sit on, if you don’t have a good place for a magnet.


She’s a star, clearly!


Patterns creating a star. Inspired by quilts with similar arcs of fabric. How about that hair?!

Floating Lights

Bits of floating pink, purple, and gold, coming out of that pink basket. And a shock of purple in her black hair.


There’s smoldering heat under this charred exterior.


The sister of the Lines lady. Made from her leftover bits.

Woman in Teal

Personally, I just love the color variations of the squiggles!


Kind of an experiment. I’m fascinated with crones, because I nearly am one!

Orange and Purple

Observe the tiny black lines through the purple. This lady is inspired by some Australian aboriginal work.


Another one that’s inspired by Australian aboriginal art. And another one where the hair may be her best feature.


Quite a colorful piece, with hair to match.