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Lady Brooches

If it seems like I disappeared off the face of the earth, it’s because of a challenge I’ve been working on. I decided to attend a three-day workshop in October in Indianapolis, called IndyJam, where people who work with polymer clay get together to take workshops and generally have a big party. One of the … More

New Category – JOY!

It started with a TED talk by Ingrid Fetell Lee about joy. Then I got on her mailing list. Then I joined her Facebook group, “Joyspotters.” Then I bought her book, “Joyful: The Surprising Power of Ordinary Things to Create Extraordinary Happiness.” I’ve been immersed in joy ever since. Paying close attention to what brings … More

Color Schemes

You’ll probably notice if you look at my art that I love black. And I love bright colors. And I LOVE bright colors on black. How do I select colors for my work? I want to say, I’ve studied color. Literally, in grad school (albeit a long time ago) I studied human color vision – … More

Less Control

What’s new and different about this piece? It’s based on a lot more randomness than I’m used to. The random part: Drops of blue alcohol ink (2 shades) on white, pearl clay (with mica!), sprayed lightly with alcohol to help it spread. Which it didn’t, as much as I expected, but that resulted in the … More


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About Me

Hi, I’m Chris. I make small sculptures out of polymer clay (mostly) and display them on my fridge as well as all over the country in people’s homes. I love to send out happy art into the world.

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