These tiles are each around three and a half inches on a side, though some are a little bigger or smaller. They have magnets on the back, but I have small easels you can show them off on, too.

Click on any title to see a close-up.

Radiating lines

A splash in purples and blues on black. Roughly three and a half inches on a side.

Fabric Splash

Not actually fabric. All clay. But even looking closely, it’s hard to tell.

Green Splash

A show of intense green colors on black.

Spirals of Joy

One of my favorite tiles. The colors of joy.

Spirals and Pinstripes

About four by four inches. With pinstripes.

Circles, Circles

I love this color palette and the splash of circles.


With a gorgeous sky in the background.

Sparks Out of Depression

This one showed up along with its name.

Four Tiles in a Splash

Four tiles, loads of color.