These tiles are each around three and a half inches on a side, though some are a little bigger or smaller. They have magnets on the back, but I have small easels you can show them off on, too.

Click on any title to see a close-up.


Almost neon colors in a wild spiral.

Fabric Splash

Not actually fabric. All clay. But even looking closely, it’s hard to tell.

Green Splash

A show of intense green colors on black.


There are empty areas – gaps – in this piece, with ragged edges. Kind of like life.

Spirals of Joy

One of my favorite tiles. The colors of joy.


With translucent bubbles on black and white.

Circles, Circles

I love this color palette and the splash of circles.


With a gorgeous sky in the background.

Sparks Out of Depression

This one showed up along with its name.

Four Tiles in a Splash

Four tiles, loads of color.