Less Control

What’s new and different about this piece? It’s based on a lot more randomness than I’m used to.

The random part:

Drops of blue alcohol ink (2 shades) on white, pearl clay (with mica!), sprayed lightly with alcohol to help it spread. Which it didn’t, as much as I expected, but that resulted in the nice, intense color.

Drops of turquoise “pearlized” ink (also with mica!). Which doesn’t (apparently) play well with others. It sat on top in its own small circles. They’re the parts that look almost white, because of the mica.

The control part:

Cutting out shapes that worked together. Turning a couple of pieces around, to place areas of light blue next to areas of darker blue.

Arranging the pieces on a dark blue background.

Adding those painted circles on top, which pulled it all together. (Two different colors of Uni Posca Paint Markers.)

It was a lot of fun playing – uh, I mean, experimenting – with the alcohol inks and I like the result.

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