A Final Green Splash

And here it is, finished.

I am so relieved to be done – not with this particular tile, but with the website itself. It has taken a lot of effort, though I admit, only three days. Still, it’s taken nearly all my time for those three days, and a whole lot of frustration, repetition and iteration. I wanted so badly to be able to show people my work, not one single picture at a time, but in aggregate. I wanted to have a place where I could send someone and say, “This. This is what I do.” Even if what I do is kind of diverse.

There are a lot of commonalities within my work, though. For example, I absolutely love other people’s work that uses additional media – alcohol inks, acrylics, chalk pastels,… – to make the surfaces look organic, but when I sit down in the studio to produce something, I just… I never manage to go there. Or rarely. I could point to a piece here or there with chalk pastels. I have used very occasional mica powder. Basically, though, I just use clay by itself.

I’m fascinated by what underlies these choices. If you’re an artist, how do you decide what you’ll make next? Where do you look for inspiration? How does inspiration turn into outcomes? What constitutes your “style”? I’ll be riffing on those questions for a while on these blog posts.

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